OCT scan – added level of

care for your eyes

If you have been to see us in recent months, you may have been surprised by some of the new technology used during your eye test. One of the tests available is an OCT scan which your optometrist may recommend if a more in depth look at your eye is required.

So, what is an OCT scan?

OCT stands for Optical Coherence Tomography. It is similar to an ultrasound scan except it is a completely non-contact test. This modern technology uses light waves to take an image of the different layers of the retina. Nothing will touch your eye and there will be no puffs of air, just a bright light which may leave you dazzled for a few seconds. The test doesn’t take very long at all. It is done at the same time as your normal eye test and only takes a few seconds.

What is an OCT scan used for?

Your optometrist uses an OCT scan to get an in-depth look at your retina. An OCT scan helps us to detect eye conditions like glaucoma, age-related macular degeneration or diabetic retinopathy at an earlier stage than is possible by only looking at the retinal surface. It allows us to see subtle changes in the thickness of the layers of the retina.

Who is suitable to have an OCT scan?

Even if your eyes appear healthy, it can be useful to take a scan to use as a reference in future. If this is something you would like to have, ask your optometrist or mention it when booking your appointment.

Usually, after examining your eyes and based on your presenting symptoms, your optometrist will recommend having an OCT scan if they feel it is necessary.

By repeating scans regularly at your eye tests we can monitor any changes in your eye condition.

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