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Choosing the right glasses for you

Brady’s optical team are experts in specialty eyewear and style. We offer a wide range of designer frames and lenses with something to suit everyone. Trust us to assist you in choosing the right frames and lenses for you.

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Specialty eyewear

Specialty eyewear is designed to protect the eyes during a range of specific tasks and activities. These glasses are fitted with your prescription and your favourite designer frames for optimum experience.

  • Sunglasses are fitted with your specific prescription, allowing you to enjoy the sunshine without compromising on your vision.
  • Computer glasses are fitted with lenses designed for intermediate work and prolonged screen-time periods, helping you to avoid digital eye strain by giving you the best vision correction possible.
  • Driving glasses are fitted with lenses designed to reduce glare from oncoming traffic and the sun.
  • Safety glasses are fitted with lenses to protect your eyes when working with high-powered tools, whilst also giving you vision correction.
  • Sports eyewear allows for a lens tint in your sunglasses, improving your accuracy on the tennis court, golf course or the ski slopes! Wrap-around prescription sunglasses designed for cycling are a comfortable fit and provide invaluable UV protection.
  • Swimming goggles are fitted with your prescription, ensuring your vision remains clear in and out of the water.