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Driving licence

The National Driving Licence Service requires you to complete an eye test for the Driving Licence Report, which meets the standard for driving in Ireland. Here at Brady’s, we offer a comprehensive eye test to measure several aspects of your sight that are essential when it comes to driving. The test can be completed wearing glasses or contact lenses. If there are any changes in your vision, you will be required to update your prescription before a licence can be issued.

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Group 1: Car/Motorcycle/Tractor/ A1, A, B, EB, M OR W

There are three components that need to be met for this category: an adequate visual standard, contrast sensitivity, and visual fields measurements. Your optician will also check for any progressive changes to your vision that could potentially affect your ability to drive.


Group 2: Bus, Truck, C1, C, EC1, EC, D1, D, ED1, ED

This category requires a more extensive eye examination, with a higher standard of vision required. An in-depth visual fields test will be carried out to map out your natural blind spots as well as to check your peripheral vision. A contrast test will also be completed to measure your sensitivity to low levels of light.


Use the link below to download the report form for you eye test:

Driving Licence Eyesight Report Form