Emergency Sore Eye

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If you experience a sudden onset of any of the following eye conditions:

  • Red eye(s)
  • Pain or discomfort in or around your eye
  • Sudden change in your vision
  • Recent onset of flashes or floaters in your sight
  • Suspected foreign body

You can book in with one of the opticians in our emergency eye clinic by contacting us directly. You will be offered an appointment within 48 hours for a fee of €25. During your appointment, your eyes will be assessed and an appropriate treatment will be offered. Should you require further specialist care, our opticians will make a referral to the expert team within your local hospital.

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For more serious eye trauma such as chemical burns, penetrating eye injury or laceration to the eye or surrounding eye area, please seek medical attention at your nearest A&E department immediately.

Contact us on 0749721727 to book an emergency eye clinic appointment.