We know glasses are not for everyone which is why we are experts in providing and fitting the right contact lenses that are the most comfortable for you. Whether you wear contact lenses full time or occasionally, we will work with you on choosing the right ones.

Finding the perfect lenses for you

With advances in technology, contact lenses are now more comfortable and breathable than ever and can be fitted for any prescription depending on your lifestyle and vision needs.
With so many brands and types of contact lenses now available we advise and help with the type of lens best suited to you. If you are a new user, we will help with initial fitting helping you gain confidence putting them in and taking them out. We also provide and ongoing and aftercare that you might need.
So whatever the reason you wear contact lenses we will help you find the right lenses for your eyes.

Our lens payment package

If you are new to contact lenses our ‘try before you buy offer’ is available.  Simply book in for a consultation with one of our opticians and they will advise you on the type of contact lens that best suit your needs and lifestyle. Once you are happy with your choice of contact lens, a trial pair will be placed on your eyes ensuring that you are comfortable and your vision is sharp and crisp. Our optician will then show you how to place them on your eyes and remove them by yourself, so you can trial them at home. Our consultation fee is €35, which includes trial contact lenses for 10 days.
We also provide a monthly contact lens payment package. Using this method you can pay for your lenses on a monthly basis and avail of great savings including free contact lens check ups and free replacement contact lenses should your happen to lose or damage them.

Contact Lens Video Guide

How to insert your contact lenses

How to remove  your contact lenses