Digital Retinal Photography

At Brady Opticians, we have been providing our patients with digital retinal photography since 2005, and as such, we have extensive experience in the interpretation of the resultant images. A photograph is taken of the lining at the back of your eye (called the retina) where many ocular conditions can be detected for the first time.

Digital retinal photography can be used to document the health of your eyes and can identify subtle changes which often occur in patients with diabetes or glaucoma. It provides a visual record and thus aids early diagnosis of certain conditions. The charge for this service is €10 and is not covered by the medical card scheme.

We strongly suggest that a digital photograph is taken of your retina. For an appointment please contact Brady Opticians today on 074 9721727.

Visual Field Tests

At Brady Opticians, we use visual field tests to determine the full horizontal and vertical range of what you are able to see peripherally. This type of test assesses the potential presence of blind spots, which can indicate eye diseases, such as glaucoma. We use a Medmont eye screener similar to those used in hospitals.

If you would like further information regarding visual field tests, please contact us on 074 9721727.

Colour Vision Testing

At Brady Opticians, we use colour vision testing to determine your level of colour vision. This test assesses any colour vision deficiency that you may have. Most colour deficiencies are genetic however sometimes they indicate the presence of an ocular disease such as macular degeneration or optic neuritis.

A colour deficiency can have a pronounced impact throughout life, from learning at school to career choice. For example, those people wishing to pursue a career with the police, army, navy or aviation etc. must have adequate colour vision. The two colour vision tests used at Brady Opticians are the City University Colour Vision Test and Ishihara’s Test for Colour Deficiency.

If you would like further information on colour vision testing, please contact Brady Opticians on 074 9721727.

VDU Eye Screening

Under European Health and Safety Law, employees who regularly use a VDU as part of their work are entitled to have regular eye examinations paid for by their employer. In addition, the employer is also obliged to provide spectacles, if they are solely required for VDU use. At Brady Opticians, we help employers meet these requirements in an efficient and cost effective manner. To find out more about our corporate VDU Eye Screening Service please contact Brady Opticians on 074 9721727. 

Brady Opticians VDU Eye Screening Service

  • All VDU users will be given a full sight test, which will take their occupational needs and the appropriate visual requirements in to consideration.
  • A VDU report form for each employee will be completed stating clearly the results of their sight test and if a correction is required specifically for VDU use.
  • We stock a range of affordable VDU spectacles for those who need a spectacle correction specifically for VDU use.