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Choosing children’s glasses

Quite often the problem can be figuring out which glasses your child will be willing to wear, are they the right fit and how long will they endure the rough and tumble of your child’s daily life.

OCT scan – added level of care for your eyes

An OCT scan helps us to detect eye conditions like glaucoma,
age-related macular degeneration or diabetic retinopathy at an earlier
stage than is possible by only looking at the retinal surface.

Hay Fever and Your Eyes

Besides making you miserable, hay fever can affect your performance at work or school and generally interfere with your life especially if you’re outdoors.

Ways to Avoid Make-up from Harming Your Eyes

Ladies, when you walk into a beauty shop or your local beauticians, do you request a clean brush to test the make-up or lipstick or do you use what has already been used? Do you share the same brush for your make-up or the same lipstick or lip gloss with your friends? How often do you clean the brushes you use? Do you check your product expiry date?

Driving safely at night

If bright headlights and glare bother you when you drive at night, you’re not alone. This can become a bigger concern while driving at night when low lighting can result in poor vision.